Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy provides a safe place to work through any obstacles and struggles that were created by the trauma suffered. Together, we will focus on strengths and develop solutions to assist in moving forward on an individual's road to recovery.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling takes two people in a relationship on an inward journey to gain deeper insight into their relationship, resolve conflicts and improve the health of the relationship. Our aim is to treat the relationship as an alternative to the individuals separately.

Family Systems Therapy

In Family Systems Therapy individuals resolve their problems in the context of their group dynamic consisting of their friends, family and loved ones. One of the more important premises show how an individual's actions affect the family unit as a whole.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a safe and gratifying way to learn from and connect with others who are working through similar issues. Group members are often valuable resources to other members due to shared experiences and feelings.

Substance Abuse Consultation

Addiction is a chronic disease. Our Substance Abuse Consultations are offered to develop quality of life skills. Together we will establish goals and develop a support network on the road to achieving long-term recovery goals.

Licensed Supervision for LLMSW

Elements of Wellness offers Clinical Supervision in addition to counseling services to help enhance clinical and professional skills and knowledge for those working to achieve or further their career in Social Work. Our licensed Social Workers provide both individual supervision as well as group. Although, we recognize that each Social Worker is unique along with the career paths chosen however, it can be beneficial to participate in group supervision.

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